Boondock are a Brighton based folk band specialising in traditional Irish, English, Celtic and Eastern European folk music.

About Us

We play Irish, English, Cornish, Scottish, Russian, Klezmer and other traditional folk music. We have a wide repertoire of songs in all of these styles. Click here for a small sample set list. Whether you want a short relaxed acoustic set at a reception, a loud and lively ‘plugged in’ set at an all night party, or anything in between, Boondock will deliver. We are highly flexible and willing to cater to any of your requirements.

Set Up

We play a range of instruments. Our acoustic sets usually consist of the accordion, fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bones and balalaika. Our ‘plugged in sets‘ also involve a small drum kit to really get those feet stomping and legs dancing! We can also provide a caller for Ceilidhs.


What sort of gigs do you tend to play?
We regularly play at weddings, pubs, clubs, parties, Céilidhs, events and festivals

Can you play a full set in one style e.g. Irish?
Yes we can play whole gigs of Irish, Scottish, Cornish, English, Russian/Eastern European or Klezmer music. Of course we can also play a combination of any of the above.

Do you have a P.A. system?
We have a full PA system and speakers that we can provide for a small extra fee.

Where will you play?
Anywhere! We are based in Brighton and will travel locally (10 miles or so) for no additional cost. Further than this and we will have to discuss travel expenses. For an evening gig 150+ miles away we may have to discuss overnight accommodation. We will always seek the cheapest travel option.

What do you charge?
Depending on the type of event and the length of time you would like us to play we charge from £250 to £1500 + travel. Please contact us for a detailed quote.